Lazarus Lighting Design Company | Case Studies
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Case Studies

Client / Case Study

Vista del Lago

24 years ago, when the Vista del Lago visitors center opened, motorists could pull off the 5 freeway and take away a bundle of information about the water of California.  Where does it come from?  Who gives us water?  Why do they give it to Los Angeles?

These questions and more are answered, some of which using LLD Fibre Optics to “wow” and educate the public.

Push the button, and a fibre optic water flow appears.  Immediately, the viewer can understand where a particular water system comes from and the flow direction.

So education and wow at the same time.  Seems to be working.

Client / Case Study

Can you put fibre in…

Customers have been challenging us for years with seemingly outrageous ideas of where we could optical fibre.  Well, it’s never stopped us yet.  One client asked us to put fibre into a Radio City Sign that lowered and raised from the ceiling for his Christmas Spectacular in his home theatre.  Another client with a Los Angeles “Little Tokyo” Sushi Restaurant asked us to make a sign that looked like the fibre magically appeared without having any logic to its’ source.  Finally, Kern Studios, the creator and provider of the Mardi Gras Parade, asked us to put 300,000 optical fibres in the largest float in the Parade; the Leviathan Dragon.  Of course, we said, “no problem”.