Lazarus Lighting Design Company | About Us
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About the Lazarus Lighting Design Company

In 1984, the Lazarus Lighting Design Company (LLD), started providing custom fibre optic displays.  LLD focused primarily on the Exhibit, Museum, and Architectural industries, where expectations are high.  Thursday at 1:00 meant exactly that.  If you didn’t deliver, you’re out.


Over the past 33 years, LLD has built a strong reputation by providing quality and creative fibre optic displays and by performing on time again and again.  Projects ranged from the Disneyland Light Magic Parade to Drew Carey’s living room ceiling.  Other projects included a large number of Las Vegas Casino displays, Movie Theatres, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Hospitality and Visitors Centers.


Operators are standing by.

(800) 553-5554


Our Partner Companies…

Stars From Mars®

Custom Fibre Optic Starfields including shooting stars, galactic nebulae, and milky ways in your theatre.

Lumia Science

The #1 source for color and light therapy products, service, and education.