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In 1984, the Lazarus Lighting Design Company (LLD), started providing custom fibre optic displays.  Within a few years, LLD became the #1 fibre optic display manufacturer, focusing primarily on the Exhibit, Museum, and Architectural industries, where expectations are high.  Thursday at 1:00 meant exactly that.  If you didn’t deliver, you’re out.

Over the past 33 years, LLD has built a strong reputation by providing quality and creative fibre optic displays and by producing on time again and again.  Projects ranged from the Disneyland Light Magic Parade to Drew Carey’s living room ceiling.  Other projects included a large number of Las Vegas Casino displays, Movie Theatres, Mardi-Gras, Princess Cruises, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Exhibits, Hospitality and Visitors Centers.



Thank you for taking an interest in the Lazarus Lighting Design company.  Below is a list of the type of projects we have created in both private and commercial situations via video samples.  The clients used to always say “can you put fibre in this?”.

desert storm

Under the direction of President George H.W. Bush, the military needed exact information.  This display was commissioned specifically to support a highly secretive meeting to communicate military strategies and now permanently resides at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX.

radio city

What if you created a spectacular fibre optic display in your own home theatre and you needed it during a theatrical production for only a short duration.  Obviously, you would dramatically have it ascend into the ceiling.

state of mind

Being on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City makes it almost impossible, as a business, to be seen and/or found.  This outdoor fibre optic and neon sign made it possible for customers not only to find the business, but get a sense of the quality service this Spa offered.

sun stop

Being noticed at a Tradeshow where there is a barrage of signage, exhibits, flashing lights all with the intention of capturing customers eyeballs is critical.  It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  Having this fibre optic display in their booth caused more traffic and interest than any other exhibition.


The castle at Disneyland already has a magical quality about it.   But if you lit it with LED and fibre optics, it’s now wondrous.  This translucent replica of the Disneyland Castle is lit from the inside with LED’s and the outside with fibre optics.

santa’s sleigh

Geoffrey Berens is considered the Godfather of Fibre Optics.  His unique and innovative engineering created standard manufacturing practices in the industry.  Some people might say “He taught me everything I know”.  Check out this fibre optic miracle he designed, created, and built.

camacho’s day

LED’s became the standard light source when a huge amount of light was needed to be bright in daylight sun.  Putting it together with the fibre optics inside the sign made a very noticeable display that captures City Walkers’ attention.

camacho’s night

LED’s were used to maximize light output of these optical fibres.  The longevity of the light source is about 100,000 hours or simply put, over 11 years.  This particular installation is still running since its’ creation in 1995.

dome ceiling

Why not have the ultimate home theatre with every fibre optic effect you can think.  Fireworks, starfield, lightning bolts, bursts, rockets, swirling nebulae and of course shooting stars.  This client wanted a simple random starfield and 2 random shooting stars installed into his custom created dome.

bedder mattress

You have about 2 seconds to capture someone’s attention while they’re driving 25 m.p.h. past your store front.  Increase your chances of capturing those eyeballs with a fibre optic sign in your front window.

snow flakes

The ultimate Christmas theatrical show you could have would be snowflakes that seem to appear from nowhere and then sequence outwards in a barrage of colors. 

shooting star

Nothing looks like real stars except for optical fibres.  When you put them in sequence and turn them on randomly, you’ll swear you just saw a shooting star.

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