Lazarus Lighting Design Company | Projects
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Thank you for taking an interest in the Lazarus Lighting Design Company.  Below is a list of the projects we created.  What’s your custom idea?  Contact Us.
Fibre Optic Displays

For 35 years we have successfully completed custom fibre optic displays for Night Clubs, Architecture, Theatres, Restaurant, Casinos, etc.

LED Programing Service

Because of our vast programing capabilities of fibre optic displays, we program LED Special FX the same dynamic styles.

Fibre Optic Special FX

From the Light Magic Parade at Disneyland to the Mexican Pavilion at EPCOT, LLD specializes in any size fibre optic fireworks displays.

Store Front Window Signage

Moving or animated signs definitely attract motorists attention.  Make sure when people look they see your name.

Specialty Fibre Optic Signage

If you want your fibre optic display to lower down from or disappear into the ceiling, just ask.  We always say “yes”.

Outdoor Signage – Daytime

Fibre Optics is generally a night time medium.  In the past few years, LED technology has made the fibre output bright enough to be seen in the day time.

Flag Mount Signage

Driving down Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA is the best place to notice and be noticed when you have something special.  Inside, customers received a one hour meditative color and light therapy known as Lumia Therapy.

Fibre Optic Shooting Stars

Once you decide to put a fibre optic starfield in your home theatre, you’re probably going to want at least a couple of shooting stars.  Watch closely for this one, you’ll never know when it’s going to shoot across the sky.

Outdoor Signage – Nighttime

Originally commissioned by Andy Camacho, Camacho’s at City Walk was the first outdoor sign to have fibre optics as the illumination and animation.  Still operating today, but with LED technology and is brighter than ever.

The Best Fibre Optic Theatre

Why not have the ultimate home theatre with every fibre optic effect you can think.  Fireworks, starfield, lightning bolts, bursts, rockets, and of course shooting stars.


Fibre Optic Specialty Signage

Every year the Mardi Gras tries to outdo themselves with the next best spectacular display.  In 2012, Lazarus Lighting Design was invited to come up with a super-duper effect for the “Phenomenon” cigarette boat.  This time, it was award winning.

Fibre Optic Tradeshow Exhibits

Almost all of our clients want to put fibre optics in their logos.  Some, fortunately for them, have some spectacular designs like this Solar Service Station Company.